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Purvi media network Private Limited, started as an idea incepted in the mind of ace journalist and promoter Utpal Shyam Chaudhary. Mr. Chaudhary started out in this industry a good 29 years ago, with a keen sense of understanding of the consumer. With his experience and new age thought he realized that this industry is missing something. We are all failing to connect to reality and the OTT dramatics are putting our users off. What is the solution you ask ?

Enter Purvi Media Network Private Limited, a network of new age Setellite channels. This encompasses all the sections that our users want to see and know more about. There is entertainment, Movies, News, business, Devotional, Sports Etc. The network brings you everything you can ask for, you will be spoilt for choice. So stay tuned, a brand new and engaging network is coming your way...

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Purvi media network Private Limited

175, Citi Mall, New Link Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400053.

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+91 9321122337

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